About the Museum

Welcome to the Tamil Nadu Police Museum

Museums are institutions that conserves a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance. Many public spaces of historical importance have been converted into museums--which takes us back in time, to experience the time, the stalwart or the emotion.

A similar attempt to conserve a recreation centre for police built in 1918 the Tamil Nadu Police Museum that came up as a result of refurbishing the century old Police Museum on State Bank Road.

The renovation activity has given the place a total makeover and over the period of years the top priorities of the Police remained the same-- Keep city and it's people safe . Historic buildings are often refurbished keeping in mind the architecture and the essence---in this case, the colonial beauty of the building has been kept intact. And inside, it is a journey into the evolution of the Police Department with artefacts and other materials of archaeological importance.

Uniforms, antique materials, photographs are showcased in the 3,788 sq.ft museum. These artifacts will act as a reminder of the proud history of Police and also enhance the image of Police in a big way. Children and students who will visit the museum will get a clear understanding about police functioning. Public will get an opportunity to understand the great history, landmarks and developments of the police force. The display would rekindle the desire of youth to join the police force and will also inspire the serving personnel.

On Nov 17, 1980, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Tr.M.G.Ramachandran had visited Coimbatore and presented a silver sword to Tr.G.Vardaraj, Rotary Governor with the direction that this sword was to be retained with the police department and presented as a rolling trophy every year to a citizen of the town who is outstanding in helping the police in crime control, law and order and improving police public relations. The sword is but neatly packed and kept in the museum. Earlier only the officers who inspect the AR were aware of this sword. Many such important landmarks lie concealed in the pages of history that will find space in the museum.

The two cannons on two sides of the museum make for a grand entry into the building. And this also has an interesting story that you will be able to revisit once you visit the museum. The cannon was brought from Arcot police station, Vellore.

Apart from the museum, the department has constructed a mini air conditioned theatre for visitors where the students and the visitors will get an opportunity to discuss on the artefacts available at the Police Museum .